What is High Wire Jenga?

    The aim is to build a tower of crates as high as you can before it topples and comes crashing down. The challenge is that at least one team member must be stood on the top of the tower. The whole team is involved with building the tower and need to work together to support it and pass more crates to whoever is on the top. There are various ways to build the tower depending on the level of challenge required, from a base of just two crates with two people on the top making it super wobbly to a base of four with just one climber on the top making it more stable and accessible to all.

    It may be appropriate to set a target for the team to reach a certain number of levels or to give a time limit. We can have two individual towers at the same time and a race to see which one can get the highest. Once the tower topples the ground crew have to run away leaving the climbers dangling from the ropes like puppets before being safely lowered to the ground by the instructor.


    Enjoyment, team work, communication, leadership, self awareness and reflection, encouragement and support, mutual respect, risk awareness, personal safety, awareness and consideration of others, increased self esteem and confidence, problem solving, safety awareness, responsibility for own and others safety, shared experience, willingness to try, personal development, sense of achievement.


    1-5 People – £100.00, 5-10 People – £150.00

    How high can you build your tower before it collapses? Can you beat the current record for the highest tower? This is an extremely enjoyable, rewarding and satisfying challenge.

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