Our amazing “Hire Wire Jenga” (also known as “Crate Stacking”) is a fun activity which really engages a whole family or group, creates much laughter and provides a bit of a challenge along the way.  It helps develop groups and for individuals it builds co-ordination and self-belief.


High Wire Jenga is ideal for any group of 4+ participants: families, friends, parties, business events, incentives and corporate gatherings.  We offer this activity on request, so please just call us on 01855 413 200 with the date and time you prefer.

Our base for this activity is the Dragon’s Tooth Estate, 10 miles south of mighty Ben Nevis and within easy travelling distance from Fort William and Oban.  If you are in the Highlands of Scotland and looking for family activities and things to do around Glencoe : this is it!

What is it?!

The main objective is for the “steeple jack” to stack as many upside-down plastic milk crates as possible, one on top of the other, as he stands atop the tower he builds. It’s a race between two teams to see who can support their “steeple jack” build the highest tower, before it falls over! But don’t worry, the builder is safely secured in a harness and when they fall, a safety rope gentle lowers them back to planet earth.

The dramatic activity calls for good planning at the outset, and then promotes communication and co-ordination skills. What’s best is that it’s a fun exercise for all the team to get involved in.

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