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The site in which The Dragon’s Tooth Golf Course club sits is the fields of “Glenn a` Chadias”; until recently and for many decades, the area was used for grazing cattle.

The course was opened on the 8th of June 2002, by Scottish Rugby Star Rob Wainwright. So, it’s the newest Golf Course in Lochaber.

It was all the brainchild of the farm owners, Ronnie and Joan MacLaughlin, along with their son Fraser.  They appointed the  well known Golf Course Architect Robin Hiseman who now practices his art in the harsh conditions of  the Dubi Dessert, a world apart from the lush conditions of the Highlands and the West Coast of Scotland.  Robin was astounded by the superb setting at Ballachulish, and used his skills to create a course that is as challenging as it is beautiful.

It was Fraser MacLaughlin who put in so much hard work and devotion to creating the course, supported by his wife Lorraine and there young family.  Andrew Burnett of Greenstaff Services provided much of the technical expertise and the skilled manpower that converted fields to fairways and the quality of the course today pays tribute to the craftmanship of the construction.

The golf course surrounds Ballachulish House – a 250 year old country house which has chilling connections with the Glencoe massacre (1692) as well as the Appin Murder (1752) and the mystery of the Red Fox.  For much of the last decade a hotel, the house is now a private home.

The wBallachulish Country House Hotel with golf nearbyhole area is steeped in Scottish history. The course also ‘hides’ part of this in the form of a pictish burial site which has remained remarkably well intact and preserved. Golf course construction took into account this anchient burial site which was left untouched and the surrounding lay of the course means that it goes largely unnoticed by golfers.  Indeed, it’s hidden from most, and you won’t find it listed anywhere!

Head Greenkeeper Jonny Henshall has been developing the course since November 2014.  His passion, enthusiasm and hard work leave their mark and both members and visitors alike comment on how the course just gets better and better.  Jonny’s predecessor David Lawrence spent 4 years nurturing the course up to the Autumn of 2014: the current calibre of the fairways, greens and tees has much to do with his professionalism and skills over many months of sheer grind and committment.

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