Course Overview

The Dragon’s Tooth Golf Course enjoys a magnificent setting beside Loch Linnhe, below the massive mountains of the Ben Vhair range. The area of mature woodland boasts some of the finest parkland of the area and this undulating grassland has been developed into a rather special 9 hole golf course. 

Hole one

A great opener par four. An accurate tee shot is required as a shot left of centre will result in the path to the green being hampered by a mature ELM just off the fairway.  The second shot is not easy either as the elavated green sits guarded by two well placed bunkers and a water hazard just off the back.

Hole Two

The signature hole. A classic par three and it’s so pleasing to the eye from the tee. Going for glory to the green can be hampered by a burn running from left to right in front of green; to the left mature tress and a hidden bunker just behind . To the right a mature old oak overhangs the green.  All this and the forward sloping green sits on a naturally elavated rock formation. Good luck!

Hole Three

From an elevated tee this short, par four may tempt the long hitter to go for the hidden green. However, mature trees to the left will punnish a low drive. The green sits low down, guarded  by two deep bunkers and  overlooked by a mature Monkey Puzzle tree

Hole Four

Teeing of on the edge of Loch Linnhe looking up towards the Dragons Tooth mountain – not many other tees can offer such a striking all round view.  A sliced shot off this tee could land you in the wet stuff.  Avoiding the water the wide uphill fairway is hazardless to the undulating green guarded by a sole pot bunker.

Hole Five

This is a short par four with a slight dog leg to the left.  The fairway is split by a pond and overflow burn .The green sits down-hill for second shot; it is protected by a bunker on the left and small pond to the right.

Hole Six

Starting from an elevated tee this par four hole has a narrow fairway that dog-legs to the right.  Further to the right, the hole is bordered by mature trees and there is very little view of green until you’re on it .

Hole Seven

Short par three, looking on to the Pap of Glencoe in the distance, with a slight uphill green that is protected by two pot bunkers at the front and one at the left.  Landing on the green may not guarantee the sand wedge staying in the bag. 

Hole Eight

The eight is all down, with a double dog leg left then right. Mature trees follow this par five all the way to the green alongside the burn on the right hand side. The green is protected by large bunker at the front and river directly behind. Tricky.

Hole Nine

Another classic par three for the last hole. From an elavated tee looking back towards the Club House, this shot is threaded through a tunnel of mature trees over a burn and road to a two tee green guarded by a front facing deep bunker. Golf shots don’t come much better.

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