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Nestled on the fringe of the River, RiverBeds is an idyllic retreat with a sparkling history.

Scottish hoteliers Laurence and Morag Young decided it was time to re-invent hospitality and come up with a quiet revolution: welcome to RiverBeds!

Great hospitality driven by human warmth and genuine caring is a skill almost as old as the hills.  What we have done at RiverBeds is to focus on the core, and re-invent all the rest!

Has it worked?  We hope so—and from the lovely reviews, many seem to agree.  We hope that you, too, will find something special here.

On the day to day basis, it is run by dad, Laurence Young the Managing Director, and brothers, Callum Young (21) the Operations Manager and James Young (27) the Business Development Director.

The folk tale behind Beinn Bheithir, previously known as Beinn Ghuilbin, also known as The Dragon’s Tooth.


Glencoe Activities Limited is registered in Scotland, number SC392989. The registered address is Roshinish House, Old Ferry Brae, Ballachulish, Argyll, PH49 4JX. The limited company who own RiverBeds and Glencoe Activities is Ossian Developments Limited, registered in Scotland, number SC319510.

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