Welcome to The Scottish Segway Centre at Glencoe!

“It’s the best Segway Tour I have ever experienced!”  Pauline Maxwell, Leeds


Glide over the ground on this revolutionary floating platform and enjoy the sheer thrill of Segway!  It’s like nothing you have ever done before – a magical experience, that will have you smiling with pleasure and achievement.  The Segway is self-balancing, intuitive and incredible!

It is the closest thing to flying a magic carpet that we have ever known.  What’s more, Segway is an ideal activity for the whole family: children, adults and seniors – everyone gets the hang of Segway quickly, and then has the enjoyment of the group participation.

Segway with Glencoe Activities on the Dragon’s Tooth estate and discover the beautiful paths, tracks and routes around the estate.  This is an amazing and breathtaking location for a Segway glide!  And there is off-road terrain, too – so for the adventurous, we are just the place!

Each 50 minute tour is led by a friendly and professional guide who is there to get you confident quickly, and then show you the secret places of our estate and develop your Segway skills.

If you are already a Segway expert, be sure to let us know when you book, and we can lift you to the next level of proficiency and enjoyment!

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We also operate Segway tours on another wonderful and special site – The Falkirk Wheel (between Edinburgh and Glasgow).  Find out more information at www.ScottishSegway.co.uk

To book Segway at The Falkirk Wheel, click here.

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